SVS Ultra Towers Deliver Hi-Fi You Won’t Have to Rob a Bank For

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SVS, long revered as the company whose subwoofers have been responsible for geological instabilities the world over, is also making quite the name for themselves in the hi-fi speaker realm.  Their new Ultra Towers, part of the Ultra series we first told you about in October, are now shipping.

The trapezoidal shape of the Ultra Towers helps reduce internal distortion, and the two 8″ woofers in each Tower are arrayed to cover the whole room equally to really put the thump in your music. Not to be outdone on the high end, 6.5″ fiberglass drivers spread midrange evenly over the bass cake, and the 1″ aluminum dome tweeter with FEA-optimized diffuser adds a dollop of sparkle on top.

Coming in at $1998 a pair, the Ultra Towers are attainable to the average consumer, and feature a 45-day in-home audition period with free shipping back and forth”

“Though they are not inexpensive, the Ultra Speakers deliver on the promise that world-class audio experiences can be had by a wider audience than ever before,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS president and managing partner. “I keep coming back to what we experienced when we debuted the speakers at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. All these folks were walking around the show’s halls, experiencing ultra high-end systems they could never even consider purchasing. Then they walked into our room, where such wonderful experiences were actually available for normal people like them to acquire. This is the SVS vision and the Ultra speakers serve it beautifully!”

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