Score Best Buy Reward Zone Points From Facebook

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Best Buy apparently likes Facebook a lot, and they want like it, too. So much so that a simple “Like” will score you 25 Reward Zone points, submitting a design for your your ideal living room will net you another 50, and taking Best Buy’s daily survey is good for 25 more each and every day. Do the math, and you could get a $5 RewardZone certificate every 10 days for just a few moments of your time.

There are lots of other neat and easy ways  to earn points, from their Dining program, which turns money you spend at local restaurants into up to triple points; changing your electricity supplier; ordering flowers for Valentines’s day; or even just signing up for Hulu or Netflix and staying signed up for 6 months. If you shop at Best Buy at all, there’s really no reason to not take advantage and score yourself a bunch of free movies.

Via: [Best Buy on Facebook]

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