Take a Tour of the New American Home 2013

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As much as I love “The Home of the Future” (especially from the past), it’s the Home of Right Now that truly excites me, which is one of the reasons I really dig the New American Home project, which showcases the best and brightest concepts, materials, designs, construction techniques, and technology involved in modern home building. Yes, the New American Home is always way out of my price range, and yes, it’s always way more house than I would ever need. But a lot of really cool inspirational design elements always come out of the NAH — design elements that, yes, might even trickle down to the level of my modest middle-class domicile — like the gorgeous shade control of this year’s model.

The CEDIA Blog has a neat video tour of the New American Home 2013, which covers everything from the planning and wiring to the final tech polish of the electronic systems installed by Eagle Sentry. You can check out the final tour of the home below for the final tour, but be sure to hit the original post for a complete look at what goes into designing such an advanced home automation system, which handles everything from entertainment and security to HVAC and even some neat privacy features.

Via: [CEDIA Blog]

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