V/H/S Now Available on… VHS?

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Somehow or another, my horror movie-watching buddy and I missed out on seeing V/H/S when it hit the local multiplex for, like, five minutes last year. I still plan on renting it or maybe buying the Blu-ray (being a sucker for this sort of found-footage anthology horror), but those of you who are still stuck in the technological world of 1996 also have your chance to check it out on your linear format of choice. That’s right — a new theatrical release on pre-recorded VHS tape.

This is a neat novelty, if nothing else, since no major studio has released a VHS tape since 2005, and the last major supplier of pre-recorded tapes shipped its last batch in 2008.

No word on whether or not it contains any of the extras included on the DVD or Blu-ray, but I’m placing my bets on nada. The press release also doesn’t mention anything about formats, but Amazon says it’s widescreen — although I’m seriously doubting it’s anamorphic. Luckily, I still have an old S-VHS player kicking around, so I’ll be set for the improved luminance resolution of the film’s sequel.

If you want to check it out, though (assuming you can!), the only place to buy the limited edition V/H/S on VHS is at Amazon.

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