Followup: Westinghouse Digital’s Customer Service Woes Get Worse

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Yesterday, we brought you a story about Westinghouse’s failure to respond to warranty claims, and since The Consumerist posted the original story, dissatisfied ex-customers have been coming out of the woodwork with their tales of woe, including the potential culprit in the death of Westinghouse Digital’s social media pages. After buying a 46-inch Westinghouse LCD that quickly went kaput, one customer was offered two smaller TVs in exchange (no, seriously). After getting fed up with the runaround, he took to more unconventional methods in dealing with the company:

I did use the “Ninja” method to get my refund, and perhaps have some responsibility for their Facebook page going away. That happened a few days after I got my refund check. I was posting on it 3 times a day, plus sending them Facebook messages 3 times a day. I also sent e-mails to the organizers of the [Consumer Electronics Show] in Las Vegas where they were exhibiting, and to several of their competitors at [CES], and wrote to Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Best Buy suggesting that they stop selling the Westinghouse TVs. None of that seemed to help, as they are still all stocking them.

…One recent post (on We Hate Westinghouse) claims that Westinghouse is no longer issuing refunds for defective TVs, only refurbished exchanges with a 90 day warranty….

By the way, when my refund came my first name was spelled wrong, luckily my bank cashed it anyway.

I would speculate — and I have no direct evidence to support this, but it seems pretty clear at this point — that, assuming this is not a cash issue (which, given that many of these problems are coming to a head in the last quarter of the year, is certainly possible), it’s possible that Westinghouse Digital is either changing OEM suppliers, or that their partners in China are getting out of the TV business altogether.  All of this is, at best, educated guessing, but when a manufacturer who has their products in virtually every major chain starts shutting themselves off from the world like this, something is certainly terribly wrong.

Via: [The Consumerist]

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