Paradigm Now Shipping Soundtrack Soundbar System

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Paradigm Soundtrack Soundbar SystemIt’s a crowded soundbar market out there, and standing out in the pack isn’t easy. If you’re Paradigm, of course, the most obvious way to do so is by putting your name on the side of the box. But in designing its new Soundtrack soundbar system, the company went one step further and made some significant, if subtle, design choices. The most significant is the fact that the Soundtrack’s left and right channels are physically separated in the cabinet. Each channel also consists of a 4-1/2-inch bass midrange driver, a 4-inch passive radiator, and a 1-inch satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeter.

Another neat touch is the sub. Honestly, Paradigm could have just as easily included the sub that comes with its Millenia CT Compact Theaterand patted themselves on the back for a job well done. The Soundtrack sub, though, sports a nifty new design that makes it equally adept at horizontal or vertical placement, on the floor, a credenza, or even mounted on the wall. You might also have noticed a lack of a visible subwoofer driver; inside the pair of ports, though, resides an 8-inch laminated composite cone driver with a 1-1/2˝ high-temperature aluminum-wire voice coil, driven by a Class D amp with 300 watts Dynamic Peak power. You can also connect the sub wired or wirelessly to the soundbar, which features the expected Toslink and analog audio inputs, top mounted controls, IR-learning capabilities, and a little remote that you’ll probably lose in the couch within a week.

The design of the soundbar has also been driven by a desire for superior dynamic range and stereo separation, all of which makes its low $799 pricetag a pleasant surprise.

And it’s actually shipping, like right now. Promise!

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