Elvis Impersonator Automates Home with Siri and a Raspberry Pi

Sections: Smart Home

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Okay, I don’t think he’s an actual Elvis Impersonator, but the YouTube user who goes by that name has uploaded a video demonstrating his Siri-operated, Raspberry Pi-controlled home automation system, with functionality that includes opening and closing the garage door, disarming the security system, viewing security cameras, changing TV channels, operating lights around the home, and even adjust the thermostat. Although when Nest gets wind of what he’s doing, they’re liable to arrange for a drone strike on Elvis Impersonator’s house or something.

Lifehacker also has a link to Elvis Impersonator’s GitHub page, where you can download all of the SiriProxy plugins required to achieve this sort of home automation yourself, assuming, of course, you have a Siri-equipped iPhone and all of the relevant home automation equipment.

Via: [Lifehacker] and [Treehugger]

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