Warner Archive’s Hudsucker Proxy Coming to Blu-ray… You Know, For Kids

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Warner Archive is a great program that digs deep  into Warner’s rich library and makes somewhat less lucritive — but no less deserving — titles available to the public on a print-on-demand basis. It’s a huge shame that some amazing films just don’t sell at retail any more, but by replicating them in small batches, and running their discs to order, WB can keep these movies churning without breaking their bank

Unlike their DVDs, which are pressed individually on DVD-Rs, Warner Archive’s Blu-rays are being made in small batches, pressed just like the real thing (BD-R automated replication just isn’t available). While their first Blu-rays were the oldest of the old titles from the WayBack Machine, the second batch is much more appealing to the young adult.

The Coen Brother’s modern classic The Hudsucker Proxy is now available for pre-order, with shipping starting February 26. The story of Norville Barnes and his doohicky is one of the Cohen’s least appreciated, and in my opinion most amazing films. The single release of the film on DVD is now about 15 years old, and I can’t wait to see how good the film can look in the hands of a modern mastering crew.

If you’ve never checked out the Archive’s offerings before, many of the titles are going to be available on the streaming service that’s currently in beta in the near future.

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