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Meridian Explorer USB DACIt seems like every day, there’s a new reason to implement a media PC or media server into your digital life.  The problem with these is that you sometimes have to sacrifice good audio to get all of your content at the push of a button. Many manufacturers make DAC’s (digital-to-analog converters) specifically to help with this issue, and Meridian Audio has jumped into that pond with its new Explorer USB DAC.

The Explorer is a fully asynchronous, USB audio class 2 DAC for the ultimate in audio purity from your server source. With premium parts such as high quality filter capacitors, a 6-layer PC board, and elegant all metal enclosure, the Explorer, which is hand assembled at Meridian’s Cambridge factory, is engineered from the same DNA as Meridian’s 800 series Reference products to ensure the very best sonic performance.

Meridian Explorer USB DAC internalsIn addition to performing the pedestrian task of getting audio from your computer to your speakers or headphones, the Explorer also includes Meridian’s award-winning resolution enhancement technologies, and makes any audio file — from MP3 to high resolution — sound its very best.

Input is via a USB2 mini B socket and has a variety of outputs to fit your listening environment.  A variable line out will connect nicely to your powered speakers or headphones (there is a built-in headphone amp).  A fixed line out will connect to your legacy setup, while an optical out will fit well with your receiver to get that full resolution audio (up to 96kHz).

The Meridian Explorer USB DAC is available now for $299.

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