HydraConnect Adds RTI Control for HSS Matrix Processors

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HydraConnect HSS-2 backHydraConnect has added a new update to its HSS product family that provides full support for RTI (Remote Technologies Inc.) control systems. The software, which was developed by and will be supported by RTI, makes it much easier for custom installers to easily integrate HydraConnect HSS systems into home automation systems running on the RTI platform.

Why should you care? Well, time is money, and if an installer is designing a sophisticated multi-room distributed AV system for your home or business, simplified setup and programming will knock a significant amount of coin off the final bill. The addition of drivers for RTI also gives installers one more option for system control with these types of systems.

In addition to supporting HydraConnect’s 8×8 HDMI switching, the RTI drivers support 8×16 stereo switching, and provide full remote control over all connected playback, receiver, and display devices. The HydraConnect HSS system provides auto-configuration of detected A/V media devices, automatic EDID, HDCP key management, and patented CEC control that eliminates the need for IR flashers and other cabling. The RTI driver download also includes a sample user interface for RTI’s iPad application.

The new software is currently available from RTI with HSS support included in all shipping HSS units. Existing HSS units have already been upgraded using HydraConnect’s automatic software update process, which is used by all fielded HSS family systems in use worldwide without customer or dealer intervention.

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