JVC Launches Projector Control and Calibration App for iOS

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JVC D-ILA Control AppProjector remotes are often woefully lacking. Manufacturers (mostly correctly) assume that if you have a projector, you’re integrating it into a full home automation system, and that pointing an IR remote behind and/or above you would be awkward and weird anyway, so why bother putting much effort into the included controller? That was the old paradigm, anyway. In today’s IP-connected world, it’s a little easier to offer decent control via your home network, so tp address the issues surround projector control, JVC has come out with an app that will let you tweak to your heart’s content without any additional equipment beyond your router.

This isn’t your typical remote app, however. Instead of just being a touchscreen remote control, the app allows access to the inner reaches of the projectors, so instead of digging through endless onscreen menus, you can access the nuts-and-bolts-level adjustments right from the app.

The app works with JVC Reference Series projectors: DLA-RS46, DLA-RS48, DLA-RS4810, DLA-RS56, and DLA-RS66, and with  iOS 5.1 and up on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation) or iPad (3rd generation). There’s no Wi-Fi option, so a wired Ethernet connection to your network is required. And sorry Droiders, no Android version of the app is currently planned.

Download the JVC D-ILA Remote App free on iTunes

Via: [Electronic House]

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