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AfterShokz Bluez

As an enthusiastic-yet-not-terribly-accomplished runner, I can appreciate the inherent safety benefits of AfterShokz headphone line (the original of which Dennis reviewed here). Their bone induction technology basically pumps the music directly into your skull, while leaving your ears wide open to be able to take in the environmental sounds. Being able to rock out while running without sacrificing attention to ambient noise is something of a “promised land” scenario for me. AfterShokz is one-upping that with the Bluez, a Bluetooth version of their headphones. So, not only can I hear what’s going on around me, but I also don’t have to deal with that *expletive deleted* cord at the same time? These guys are definitely speaking right to me.

For a very limited time (12-19 Feb, 2013), AfterShokz is running a contest to allow one lucky person to be one of the first to get to try these babies out.  From the press release:

[A]long the lines of embracing new technology and celebrating change, participants are encouraged to use the new social video network, Vine, to submit a vine (a six second video clip) that illustrates some form or fashion of change. The vine, along with its narrative caption, that most imaginatively delivers the concept of change will be rewarded with a pair of coveted Bluez. The contest begins today and runs through February 19, with a winner selected and announced on February 20, 2013. To ensure a vine is considered, participants are asked to include the hashtag #vinebration in their caption and tag @aftershokz when sharing on Vine, Twitter and/or Facebook. Additional details are outlined on the company’s newly launched blog.

Ordinarily, the Bluez will run you $119.95 (MSRP), but you can pre-order now for $99.95 through the company’s website:

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