NAD Announces C 516BEE High Performance CD Player

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NAD CD Player

Now there’s something you don’t see every day any more: a dedicated CD Player

Audiophles are a picky bunch, particularly the music fans. The tiniest difference can be huge to them, which means the chain of audio from disc to speakers must be as precise and high-quality as possible, and that means high-quality DACs, an ultra-clean power supply, and well-designed, simple circuitry. In a pursuit of delivering ever-improved sound from the old Compact Disc, NAD has updated its C 515BEE to the new 516BEE.

Features of the updated model include:

• Plays CD and CD-R/W

• Decodes MP3 and WMA files copied to CD-R for up to 10 hours of continuous play

• Latest generation 24/192 Sigma/Delta D/A converters are chosen for low noise and

excellent linearity

• Audio specific OP Amps assure accurate musical sound

• Full function remote control

• Repeat function for 1 song, 1 disc, or A-B repeat

• Program play with direct access from the remote control

• Forward and reverse skip and search function

• Informative VFD display gives complete information about tracks and time

• COAX and Optical digital outputs

• Compact size matches the NAD C 316BEE Amplifier

• <0.5W Standby Power Consumption

I know whenever possible in my equipment chain, I like to have a dedicated device for everything, and having a device that is specifically tuned to getting the most out of CDs can definitely deliver superior performance from the much-maligned, but highly capable format. The NAD C 516BEE is available now for $299.

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