Satechi Gives You Ethernet on the Go for $40

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Satechi Multifunction Mini Router

In our increasingly connected world, it’s annoying to buy a Blu-ray player, game system, or TV, only to find that it’s not Wi-Fi equipped, or requires a hugely expensive dongle to make it so. Satechi has the perfect solution to that problem, and a few others to boot, with its new Multifunction Mini Router. The device plugs directly into a mains outlet, and supports a wide variety of modes to suit everything I could ever think I want a router to do, all for $40. The various modes include:

Access Point Mode – create a wireless connection
Router Mode – setup a wireless connection when connected to an internet-enabled service
Universal Repeater Mode – extend the range of existing Wi-Fi connection up to 100 feet
Client Mode – connect to an existing wireless network
Bridge Mode – allows two or more wireless access points to communicate with each other to join multiple LANs

The router supports the newest 802.11n wireless standard and is backwards compatible with older 802.11b/g standards, supporting a wide range of devices. Additional features include a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) which allows users to set up their own security, automatically establishing a faster and more secure WPA2 connection.

I travel a lot, and my laptop doesn’t like acting as a wireless access point, so I’ve been looking for a travel router for quite awhile. The fact that this can do double duty by patching up low-coverage Wi-Fi areas, or adapting a bedroom Blu-ray player for Netflix, is just icing on the cake, and $40 sounds like a bargain to me. If it’s durable and performs well, I think Satechi might just have a winner on its hands.

Buy The Satechi Multifunction Mini Router at Amazon.

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