Pyle’s Briefcase Turntable Brings Back Memories

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Pyle Briefcase TurntableChances are good that if you’re anywhere near my age, your first turntable looked a lot like the Pyle Retro Belt-Drive Briefcase Turntable pictured here. Okay, maybe it was covered in blue denim, but the concept was the same. Was it belt-driven, though, with three speeds and a ceramic stereo cartridge? Almost certainly not. And did it come with a USB cable and Audacity Software for vinyl-to-MP3 conversion on your PC? Not unless you had a time machine, it didn’t.

In addition to those goodies, the Retro Belt-Drive Turntable comes with a 45 RPM adapter for singles, two built-in anti-magnetic speakers (although I’m guessing those aren’t exactly hi-fi), a rechargeable battery, stereo RCA outputs, and what seriously looks like Genuine Imitation Naugahyde covering.

MSRP on this retrotastic turntable is $188.99, but if you order now directly from Quality Car Audio (seems legit) it can be yours for the low, low price of $97.55.

Reviews at the Amazon product listing for the briefcase turntable are mixed at best, and point out a few other design features — like the fact that it’s USB-powered only, and completely lacks any provision for AC input — not to mention the fact that the platter is wobbly, the volume is insufficient via the internal speakers, and the tone arm and stylus aren’t exactly audiophile quality (no shock there), so caveat emptor.

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