DPI’s HIGHlite Cine 330-3D Brings the Brightness

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DPI HIGHlite Cine 330-3DDigital Projection International announced late yesterday that its new HIGHlite Cine 330-3D projectors are now available. The HIGHlite Cine 330-3D line actually consists of two models: the high-brightness 330-3D-HB and the high-contrast 330-3D-HC.

The 330-3D-HB is capable of delivering an astounding 5500 lumens (I’m assuming that’s uncalibrated), with 2000:1 contrast (which is better than you’re going to get at the local multiplex), and is designed to bring cinematic 1080p 3D front projection to media rooms where ambient light normally makes such a projection system less than ideal.

The 330-3D-HC, on the other hand, is better suited to dedicated rooms where light can be controlled, and pumps out 3000 lumens with 20,000:1 contrast (which is a heck of a lot better than you’re going to get down at the local multiplex).

Both 3-chip models boast 10-bit color capabilities and, as their model designations imply, full 3D capabilities with support for active, shutter-type 3D glasses. Both also feature all of the inputs you could ever ask for, including two HDMI 1.4a inputs,  along with RGB via D-15, component, composite, and yes, even S-Video.

The compact chassis of the HIGHlite Cine 330-3D also makes it easy to install, and the lens options further support increased installation flexibility, with a lens shift range of 120% vertical and 30% horizontal. You can also choose from 0.77;1 and 1.16:1 fixed lenses, or zoom lenses with throw ratios running the gamut from 1.45:1 – 6.76:1.

MSRP on the line starts at $29,995 and goes up from there based on lenses and other options, which, compared with the company’s award-winning TITAN Reference projectors, makes either of these guys a downright bargain.

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