Dr. No Coming to IMAX and Blu-ray 3D

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Dr. No 3DDr. No, the original Bond movie, has undergone 3D conversion, and will be released in theaters and Blu-ray 3D later this year according to early listings. Moviefone and a Taiwan video distributor have both listed the title for release in the coming months.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now the strong performance of Top Gun have proven that there is certainly a market for major catalog re-releases in the “down” weeks between big new releases, especially if there’s a home video promotion to tie into it. Despite the poo-pooing many home theater fans give to 3D, it’s hugely popular in other parts of the world, particuarly developing countries and eastern Europe and Asia.

Dr. No is certainly a great candidate for 3D; the bright photography, the beach vistas, and the other, more curvy vistas will fill the IMAX screen very nicely. Combine that with the ’60s style filmmaking, with a slower pace, where shots are held for a lot longer, and that makes adding the third dimension much easier on the eyes

These listings usually appear 3-4 months before the IMAX release, so I’d expect Dr. No to hit sometime in the lull between spring and summer’s blockbusters. Hopefully this will be the first of many Bond movies to make the trip to the biggest screen. How about the underwater sequence from Thunderball, or the Gibralter chase in Living Daylights? Just make sure that the clerk doesn’t shake, nor stir, your Coke before you go into the theater.

Via: [JSDVD] and [Moviefone]

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