The Nomad is the Greenest Espresso Machine Ever

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Nomad Manual Espresso MachineLike many of you, I’m sure, I’ll give up my Keurig when you pry it from my cold, dead, jittery hands. But despite my undying love for convenient press-of-a-button caffeinated deliciousness, there’s a new barista-in-a-box on Kickstarter that has piqued my interest, even if its marketing leaves a little something to be desired.

Meet The Nomad, the “go-everywhere” espresso machine developed by research scientist and inventor Vincent J. Chen, Ph.D., and entrepreneurial engineer Curt Morgan to make the perfect cup of espresso without electricity, without batteries, and without the use of CO2 or N2O cartridges. Also, apparently, without much of a marketing budget yet. But hey, use your imagination a little, replace this narration with the soothing tones of Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Okay, even if you couldn’t successfully replace the narration in your head, you have to admit, that’s a pretty nifty little espresso machine, right?

Dig a little deeper into the Kickstarter page, and you’ll find that the Nomad’s output is entirely dependent on pumping pressure, so as long as you’ve got hot water and a pair of front paws, you can pump out a single shot, double shot, or a whole ten ounces of wake-up juice.

Act fast, and you could even get your own limited Kickstarter Edition Nomad (in lime green or black) for $165, which not only gives you early espresso-pumping access (current estimate is for an August 2013 deliver, as opposed to November 2013 for late-adopters), but also saves you $50. There are only 500 early adopter pledges available in each color, and it’s the cheapest pledge reward aside from the video you see above loaded onto a flash drive for $20 (I am not even kidding).

If you want to spend a little more and wait a little longer, $215 will get you a Nomad manual espresso machine in lime green, black, red, or blue just in time for Christmas, or you could spend $270 and get a Nomad with an extra coffee drawer, with the same color options and delivery date.

Contact info:
UniTerra Nomad website
The Nomad on Kickstarter
The Nomad on Facebook

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  • Curt

    Dennis – thanks for the mention. Yes my narration is a bit wanting. We are actually revising the video now for better narration and some other updates (maybe not Morgan Freeman though), should be updated in a couple days.

    Curt Morgan

  • Dennis Burger

    How cool would it be if you DID get Morgan Freeman, though?!