iStarUSA Bows Two New HTPC Cases

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iStar mini-ITX HTPC case

Mini-ITX has been the form factor of choice for HTPC (home theater PC) builders for awhile. Which makes sense, because in addition to being low on power consumption, low on heat, and having a small footprint, an HTPC needs to look good in your rack. Of course, the smaller you make the case, the harder it is to fit components in there, but iStar thinks that it has the answer with two new cases designed for your hardcore Mini-ITX build, the S-0712-DT and S-0812-DT. According to the press release:

These cases are compact enough to fit ideally in most environments, but we don’t compromise functionality for size. Both models come with a built-in 120W DC power board and a 12V/10A power adapter. And both are flexible when it comes to storage. The S-0712-DT can house 2×3.5″ or 2x 2.5″ HDDs. The S-0812-DT can house 1×3.5″ or 2×2.5″ HDDs. The  S-0712-DT also has room for a slot-loaded slim optical drive. These cases show off their flexibility and sleek style in HTPC environments.

The S-0712T-DT has an audio port and 2x USB 2.0 ports to make external connections easily. Despite their compact size, these two new additions are equipped for configurations and extra add-ons. You get the best of both worlds: the style and size of a “hidden” compact case, with all the serviceability of a fully functional chassis.

Just be careful to check the power consumption of your components when using these cases. It’s completely do-able to build a Mini-ITX machine that will live just fine within 120 watts, but it you start shoving more power-hungry desktop processors in there, that can change really fast. It’s a good idea to leave 15-20% headroom over the peak wattage as a good margin for error to ensure high performance. That said, these cases look great, and could definitely spruce up your boring old rack, so if you’re in the market for a Mini-ITX build, give them a look

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