Emotiva Takes Its Gear on the Road, Starting in Chicago

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Emotiva Experience

Emotiva is a favorite brand among value-conscious audiophiles, and very much a recent favorite of our own Dennis Burger, but given the direct-sale nature of the company, it’s really hard to engage in the all-important audition process unless you’re willing to take a flight to Nashville for their in-house showrooms. Lucky people in Chicago will get a chance to change all that in April, when the Emotiva Experience tour comes to town:

On Saturday, April 13, the Emotiva Experience will be at the Chicago Marriott Naperville from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Anyone interested in high-end audio will be able to experience Emotiva’s home theater system in one room and a two-channel audiophile system in another. Additional home theater equipment will be set-up in the company’s traveling hospitality center, the Emotiva Lounge. Emotiva is known for inviting customers to visit its headquarters near Nashville to listen to the company’s latest gear, with two home theaters, a two-channel listening room, and a state of the art recording studio all on site. To bring this Emotiva Experience directly to the public, the road show will pack more than 1,000 pounds of high-end audio and home theater equipment into a 40-foot trailer.

If great sound isn’t reason enough, free food is promised (a surefire way to get those iPod-loving college kids out, sneaky!), and there’s special pricing to be had at this event only. More cities are on tap for later this year, including Boston on June 21. For more info on the Emotiva Experience tour as it becomes available, keep an eye on the Emotiva Experience Eventbrite page.

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