Monoprice Introduces IR Control Over HDMI

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Monoprice HDMI IR blaster

When you think of HDMI, the latest in component connections, the last thing you think of is primitive old stalwart, infrared control. Monoprice has begun carying an adapter that might change that, though, by allowing you to use your existing HDMI switchers and wiring to adapt a standard remote to CEC, or to simply transport your IR signal into your equipment closet. You plug an IR receiver into one end of the cable (both ends if you’re using it as an IR blaster on the other side), and it’s pretty much plug and play from there. The kit works with devices in the 30-60KHz range, single or dual band IR for maximum versatility.

So what is this thing good for? Well, the underused HDMI CEC channel for one. Let’s say your theater is in the basement, and all your gear is in a nearby gear room or closet. Now with the investment of a few dollars, instead of a big expensive blaster you can enter either the CEC control chain of your devices, or just blast a whole rack with IR for easy control. Cheap easy and efficient is something that Monoprice is known for, and that’s why a lot of techheads swear by them for their sundry, and not so sundry, needs.

Pick up the HDMI IR Extender at MonoPrice

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