Fox Sues Dish Over Hopper with Sling Integration

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Dish Hopper with SlingAt this point, we should just assume that if Dish Network developed a cure for cancer, Fox would sue the company because an unintended side effect of the cure was glee. Courtesy of Bloomberg comes the news that Fox is yet again suing Dish, this time because its new Hopper with Sling box allows users to watch live and recorded TV on mobile devices. Which is stupid, really, because the original Hopper allowed users to do virtually the same, the sole differences being that the new Hopper with Sling allows you to transfer recordings for offline viewing, and the old Hopper required you to plug in a USB dongle for online access.

The offline viewing doesn’t seem to be what this lawsuit is primarily about, though. According to the Bloomberg story:

“Paying Dish for a satellite television subscription does not buy anyone the right to receive Fox’s live broadcast signal over the Internet or to make copies of Fox programs to watch ‘on the go,’ because Dish does not have the right to offer these services to its subscribers in the first place,” Fox said in the filing.

So, why didn’t Fox sue over this a year ago? Maybe it was the fact that you had to plug a USB cord into the back of the Hopper then, because what Fox seems to really hate is convenience. After all, it sued over AutoHop, which doesn’t delete commercials, but rather presses the commercial skip button for you automatically. That’s it, really.

Fox has also claimed that PrimeTime Anytime is a “video on demand”-like feature and has attacked Dish for that, when really, all PrimeTime Anytime does is record network primetime programming every night and save it in a separate hard drive partition for eight days, unless you want to save a specific show permanently.

At this point, I’m surprised Fox hasn’t sued Dish over the Hopper with Sling’s “Remote Finder” feature. Because, really, a misplaced clicker is the only reason I can think of that anyone would watch The Mindy Project.

Personally, I think Dish should countersue Fox over canceling Ben and Kate.

Via: [Bloomberg]

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