Ceton Teases Android for Its Echo Media Center Extender

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Android on Ceton Echo

Ceton has quietly posted a new blog that showcase’ the previously announced Android support on the company’s Echo Windows Media Extender. Ceton wants to make the Echo into a one-stop-shopping box for all your entertainment needs and, after a bit of a rough start,  wanted to get Android support right the first time. Via the Ceton Blog:

Our vision is something new and bold that hasn’t been done on Android before — a complete integration of Windows Media Center in Android, along with a TV-optimized interface.  There are a bunch of Android-based digital media players out there that give you streaming services, but none have integrated Media Center with Android to give you live TV and DVR as well.  Not to mention cool features like browsing premieres, movies on tonight, universal content search and other things we’re working on.  This will not only bring the power of Android to the Echo, but will enable Windows 8 compatibility as well.

The idea of using an open platform like Android for home theater applications is exciting. How about integration of your DVD Profiler collection? Tie in your home security system for caller ID or to see who’s knock-knock-knocking at your chamber door? The possibilities are wide open, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of development comes out of all this.

In the meantime, Ceton Echo users will have access to the Android app ecosystem, which is a lot more open than Apple’s app implementation on the Apple TV. Of course, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO should be ready to go out of the box, but its the future potential for so much more that excites me. The new firmware should enter public beta soon, so if you have an Echo, keep a watch on the firmware channel.

Via: [Ceton Blog]

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