Savant SmartView Video Tiling Now Delivers 9-Screen PiP

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Savant SmartView Video TilingIf you loved the functionality of Savant’s six-tile picture-in-picture SmartView Tiling technology, but didn’t think six video streams were enough to satiate your multi-source viewing needs, your’e gonna love this. The company has just updated SmartView Tiling to enabled the viewing of nine individual tiles on a single high-definition display.

Granted, I have enough trouble keeping an eye on two PiP sources, but hey, if you’re a big fan of the sports and need to keep an eye on as many games as possible, Savant SmartView is about as good as it gets. Those nine tiles can be pulled from up to 24 1080p sources, all of which can be dragged, dropped, pinched, zoomed, and slid around with the Savant TrueControl iPad app. If you’re curious as to how it works, here’s a look at the company’s earlier six-tile-only implementation:

As of this new update, that larger tile can also be split into four separate tiles. Of course, juggling nine video tiles could get a little overwhelming, but Savant makes it easier by giving you the ability to create custom tiling layouts and source presets for easy recall. You can even select channel presets for the cable, satellite, or broadcast sources. Double-tap a tile, and its audio takes precedence. Give any tile the standard Apple anti-pinch zoom, and any one tile takes over the entire screen.

Of course, to implement this all, you will need Savant’s Mac-based home automation system, including its SVT-009T Solution Set, which includes SmartMediaPro SSP-1200 high-bandwidth matrix switcher and controller, three VIM-30D4 digital video input modules, and five VOM-SV02 Multi-window Video Processing Output Cards. And yes, existing Savant SmartView systems are field-upgradeable to the new nine-tile platform.

For more info on where to get your paws on all of this multi-source viewing goodness, check out Savant’s Where to Buy page.

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