URC Enhances Dealer Locator with Portfolio Feature

Sections: Remote control, Smart Home

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URC Master Dealer Locator Portfolio imageWhen you’re in the market for an advanced home control and entertainment system that truly spans every electronic system in your home, suffice it to say, you can’t just pop down to Best Buy and buy a solution off the shelf. It’s a job best left to custom installation professionals, but finding the right professional is no easy task. That’s why I love the URC Dealer Locator, which lets you search for local certified URC installers and and find one that best fits your lifestyle. I didn’t think the Dealer Locator could get much better, but I was wrong: URC has just taken it to the next level with its new Dealer Portfolio feature.

In addition to allowing you to search for URC-trained custom installers in your area, the new Portfolio feature lets Master Dealers enhance their contact pages with a more complete picture of finished installations, complete with captions, galleries, customer testimonials. If you like what you see, it merely requires one more press of a button to be put in contact with the dealer of your choice.

“We are bridging a major opportunity with this launch,” said Cat Toomey, URC’s director of marketing. “Letting website consumers know you’re in business is one thing, but showing them who you are as a company, your specific expertise, and what you’ve done for other clients can greatly further the potential for a fast decision and a profitable customer relationship. Our exclusive, first-of-its kind Dealer Portfolio feature is another important step on our path to making the consumer and dealer connection easy and exciting, while delivering value-add to our Master Dealers.”

So if you love URC’s remotes and are looking for a more advanced home control system, give the newly updated URC Dealer Locator a spin and see if any of your local dealers have stepped up to the new Portfolio features.

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