Fox Licenses Catalog Titles to Anchor Bay

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Fox dealFox has long distributed Anchor Bay titles to retail, and now, in what appears to be a similar pact to Image’s deal with Sony, Fox has licensed more of its back catalog to Anchor Bay for release on Blu-ray disc.

Titles included in the first wave include:

The Star Chamber (1983)

The Newton Boys (1998)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986)

Dying Young (1991)

Chasing Papi (2003)

Black Knight (2001)

Best Laid Plans (1999)

Bedazzled (2000)

Airheads (1994)

Those are some of Fox’s best B-level catalog, dependable sellers that will make money for Anchor Bay. Sony’s deal with Image Entertainment included licensing, manufacturing, and authoring agreements, so one can assume that Anchor Bay is under a similar arrangement with Fox.

Thanks to many people either being satisfied with streaming services, or just not feeling the need to replace their DVDs with high definition, catalog sales on Blu-ray haven’t been as strong as a lot of studios would like. Distribution deals provide dependable income for studios, while at the same time giving the smaller guys a shot in the arm. The downside of these deals, as is demonstrated with the Image titles, is that there is rarely any budget for special features, so cult movies typically continue to be shipped in movie-only versions without striking new masters. There is hope however, with catalog sales up significantly, that studios will once again invest in new transfers and  special features for the lesser — but still worthy — titles once more. The first titles are expected to ship on May 28.

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