Breaking Bad Remastered in 4K

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Breaking Bad 4K

Probably setting the record for the fastest ground-up remaster ever (eat your heart out TNG!), Sony is going back to the negative to bring Breaking Bad into the UltraHD 4K realm.

While a number of new, lower-cost 4K televisions were shown at CES, their penetration is likely to remain small for the time being, and aside from proprietary players, the only way to access 4K at home in the near future is RedRay. Big hopes are pinned on the High Efficiency Video Codec, which brings 4K visuals at Blu-ray and broadcast-friendly bitrates. Broadcasters, though, aren’t as hot on the benefits of 4K, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

While Sony is bullish on 4K, Bryan Burns, vp of strategic business planning and development at ESPN, expressed the more cautious viewpoint during a panel at CES. “There might be a gradual evolution,” he said. “I don’t want to make the capital investment.”

Given the near-vertical uphill climb that ESPN 3D has met, I don’t blame him. The real benefit of 4K is on screens over 85″ (or at seating distances that most people would scoff at), and given that most TVs in US homes are under 50″, and typically stuck 10 feet away from those viewing them, the potential benefits just aren’t there for most homes. When the day comes that we have Fahrenheit 451-style TV walls that can be just wallpapered on, then we might have something, but until then, 4K is probably going to be best utilized in proper home theaters, sports bars, and other venues where large screens are practical and/or affordable. Perhaps consumers will reconsider when the price of a 4K television drops below that of a small car. A car, I might add, that wouldn’t actually be able to haul the TV home in the first place.

Via: [The Hollywood Reporter]

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