LG Ships CinemaBeam Projector in Korea, US in March

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LG Laser

We’ve all been totally impressed with LG’s laser-based CinemaBeam, which can throw 100 inches of HD goodness from a mere foot away. Claiming a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, this amazing little projection system not only looks great, but it’ll fit anywhere you’ve got 100 inches of diagonal wall space to spare.

While anyone who’s been to the movies in the last five years has probably seen a movie on a DLP, home use of the technology has declined quite a bit with the death of rear-projection TVs. DLP provides the fastest refresh rates out there, though, and when coupled with LED or Laser illumination, rich saturated color and a bright picture that rivals any flat screen. And with the CinemaBeam, it now boasts a footprint to rival those ultra-thin TVs, as well.

All that awesomeness comes at a price, however. In Korea, the projector is running the equivalent of about $8500, and the US version is expected to scrape the five-figure mark. This is two-to-four times what a baseline DLP projector will run you,  but we can guess that a lot of that money comes in the form of the expensive and precise lens system required to project such a fantastic image from such a short distance. If LG can get these things down to the price of a good flat screen, I can think of a lot of New Yorkers who are going to want one.

Via: [LG (Korean)]

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