HydraConnect Adds Dynamic EDID Control

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HydraConnect HSS-2, now with Dynamic EDID technologyHydraConnect, LLC has been given quite a bit of ink in these pages, and with good reason.  Their HSS line of matrix processors are great pieces of gear, integrating your HDMI and audio sources into a multi-room system with minimal fuss.  In an attempt to minimize that fuss even more, HydraConnect has pushed a new updated version of its Dynamic EDID technology.

In the past, the EDID data was tied to whomever grabbed the source first.  If your home theater with multi-channel audio grabbed the blu-ray player first, the matrix switch would send multi-channel audio.  If you then added in your bedroom system with stereo speakers, you’d get multi-channel audio, but without the center channel, which is, you know, kind of important.  Conversely, if stereo was first and multi-channel jumped in, the multi-channel room would only get stereo audio.  Aside from being frustrating, these situations can also prompt expensive service calls from confused customers.

HydraConnect solves this class of problems through its patent pending use of a dynamically controlled EDID. EDID is an electronic descriptor of display capabilities that is passed to the source so that it can present the proper video and audio HDMI data stream. The HSS products are highly intelligent and can determine the capabilities of both displays and sources, and instantly modify the EDID presented to the source to be correct for the connection that is being made. Additionally, the HSS family of products can generate an On-Screen Display to inform the user of the status of the display and the data stream even if audible data is not available, so that there’s no confusion on the user’s part.

All HSS products in the field have already been upgraded via HydraConnect’s automatic software updates, which require no dealer or user intervention.

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