CBS Memory Holes @KaleyCuoco Tweet about Dish Hopper

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Kaley Cuoco Dish Hopper TweetI love a good villain. You know what made Heath Ledger’s take on The Joker so amazing in The Dark Knight? It wasn’t just the performance, or the makeup, or the shock value of it all; it was the fact that Ledger’s Joker dragged you into his crazy, made you see his point of view. In a weird, twisted sort of way, his chaos made sense. And yet, he was still wrong. He was still, obviously, the bad buy. And if CBS would just start making a little bit of sense in its jihad against Dish Network and its Hopper DVR, the media conglomerate could be just as compelling a villain. Still wrong, but at the very least interesting. Instead, CBS keeps pulling stunts that make it come off more like Dr. Doom in Tim Story’s Fantastic Four or Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s dreadful first Spider-Man flick.

First CBS wouldn’t allow CNET to award the new Hopper with Sling Best of Show at CES. This, of course, caused the CEA to dump CNET and give Dish the award themselves. But that was all industry stuff that most consumers couldn’t care less about. CBS’s latest move, though, might actually rile some feathers. This time, it’s picking on Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

Earlier this week, Kaley Cuoco tweeted, “Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome!” According to Dish’s haughty press release, CBS made poor Penny delete the tweet within a couple of hours, apparently not knowing that nothing is ever really deleted on the internet. (Incidentally, Dish’s martyr rhetoric is really starting to get old in all of this, too. But then again, even Superman is a dick sometimes).

Of course, CBS’s reason for memory-holing Penny’s tweet is the same as its reason for muzzling CNET: it’s fighting Dish in court, and can’t have any of its lackeys saying a solitary good word about the Hopper. And to be honest, that court battle is the only one that matters to CBS right now. The court of public opinion is insignificant. And I could probably muster a little more sympathy for that point of view if CBS would just stop acting like such a mustache-twirler in all of this.

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