Roku 3 Brings More Speed, New Remote, New Interface

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Roku 3Roku has introduced a new addition to its lineup of streaming media players. The newly announced Roku 3 features a faster processor than older models, for quicker navigation and a smoother gaming and media streaming experience. In addition, the Roku 3 will introduce a new, updated user interface that should make access to its 750 channels of movies, TV shows, sports, music, and video games even snappier.

The Roku 3’s new remote will also sport the motion sensing capabilities of its predecessor, for use with games like Angry Birds and its sequels, but perhaps the most interesting thing about the new remote is its built-in headphone jack. Plug in your favorite pair of earbuds or mobile headphones, and the Roku 3 automatically mutes its audio output, letting you crank your entertainment without disturbing anyone else in the house (and without tying you down to the box itself).

Here’s a sneak peek at the new interface, which will also be pushed to older Roku models via a software update:

The new Roku 3 also features dual-band wireless connectivity along with an Ethernet port and a USB port. It’s available now at the Roku Shop for $99, and should be available soon via Amazon, as well. Look for it to hit store shelves in April.

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