HitBliss Means Never Paying to Rent Movies Again

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HitBliss is a new service, currently in beta, that lets you rent new TV shows and movies, just like you would on iTunes or Amazon, except that instead of coughing up the dough, you watch ads instead. Two minutes of ads are typically enough to score you a next-day TV show, and ten minutes will get you a feature film.

The HitBliss service works by engaging users in highly targeted ads. The more personal information you provide, the more targeted the ads become and the more credits you earn. You can’t just turn the ads on and go about your day stacking up, however; the window must be the “focus” of your browser or the app running. Switch tasks, and the whole process comes to a halt

Over the last year, music piracy has gone down close to 30%, and many credit the cheap and easy-to-use Spotify service for at least part of that trend. Since Six-Strikes is now hanging over every file-sharer’s head, Hitbliss’ easy access to the shows and movies you want to see, without dropping $4 each, might end up being pretty lucrative. Lucrative at least, for the mannequin business, who will make a fortune once a person is required to sit in front of a webcam to collect credits. Building your own Buster is going to be an important first step in the free movie train of the future, and I’m totally in.

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    But what about Six Strikes – Even if you aren’t personally involved in illegal content sharing, account holders are responsible for the actions of anyone on their network. Program participants hope that receipt of a warning will encourage account holders to take measures to restrict unauthorized activity on their network by talking to household members, limiting unauthorized access by encrypting their WiFi network, and/or installing software or hardware to block access to peer-to-peer sites.