Is Beats Teaming with Apple for Project Daisy?

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Beats Project DaisyBeats has been rumored for some time to be looking to expand its music empire beyond designer headphones, and it looks like the company might have taken the first steps toward making that a reality. After spinning off “Project Daisy” — a rumored music streaming service to compete with Spotify — into its own company, Reuters reports that  Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine met with his Apple counterpart Tim Cook in late February to talk about… something.

Apple has long been rumored to be developing its own streaming competitor, and apparently this fact-finding excursion included Eddie Cue, the head of iTunes, iCloud, and other related services. Whether or not this will eventually bear fruit remains to be seen. Beats’ existing exclusive partner on smartphones, HTC, is financially on the rocks, and if Beats is looking for a more stable and lucrative relationship, this wouldn’t be the first Iovine and company kicked a partner out of bed for a sexier model.

Integrating with Apple would immediately open up Project Daisy for integration with the  thousands of iDevices out there, or — when combined with AirPlay — availability on any number of home tech devices, from receivers to wireless audio docks, creating an instant installed base of users. And iOS 7 integration would make Daisy a major threat to the competition. With Google rumored to be working on its own YouTube branded solution, Apple certainly has a lot of motivation to get the ball rolling on a service like this. If Apple could simply acquire the newly spun-off Project Daisy, it’d give the company a turnkey solution that requires no in-house software development, which has never been Apple’s strong suit (iOS Maps, anyone?). A turnkey solution ready for a quick launch beside a new iPhone and/or iPad could be just what the doctor ordered.

Via: [Reuters]

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