Predator 3D Conversion Is in the Works

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Predator 3D is in the works

Predator looks to be the latest subject of the deal Fox made with JVC to convert some of the studio’s biggest and best catalog titles to 3D. First came the Will Smith futuristic actioner I, Robot, and then Independence Day was announced — and then pulled from Fox’s summer slate — but progress marches on, and it looks like the next disc scheduled to hit shelves ain’t got time to bleed. Predator 3D should be on store shelves just in time for Christmas.

Predator was the film that cemented Schwarzenegger as a superstar in many people’s eyes, combining hard action, pulse-pounding violence, and an extremely memorable villain that raised the suspense bar for action movies to a whole new level. We can also rejoice, because hypothetically Fox may have done another new transfer of the film, or at least un-processed the old one from the poorly received Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition for this project. Independence Day will likely still follow at some point, despite its un-announcement, hopefully with the extended cut and bonus materials from the old DVDs intact this time. Now if only they’d consider Master and Commander, I’d be a really happy man. Predator 3D is tentatively scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2013.

Via: [Film Arena]

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