Smart TV and 3D Grow in Consumer Appeal

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Samsung Smart TVConsumers were pretty apathetic about Smart TV features last year , but according to a new survey, new features on new models are a cause for optimism in the market. While price still remains the key factor in any TV purchase, according to the latest IHS Smart TV survey, 30% of consumers are counting  smart features as important to their purchase. Joining it, with a tripling of interest, was 3D, while a desire for a larger screen remained a strong influence in people’s buying decisions.

The big explosion of HDTV was about 2006-2008 among the general public, and now those sets are starting to look long in the tooth to a lot of people, especially since Americans tend to buy a new TV for somewhere in the house about every six or seven years, so now they’re looking at fancy stuff to show their friends, and new experiences to further justify their purchase. Since streaming services like Netflix and Spotify are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, obviously people are going to want to extend those features to their home theaters. Since the industry is  working on a universal standard for TV apps, we can only expect content and availability to grow in the near future

Via: [GigaOM]

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