GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3D Array Reviewed

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Pop quiz: what words come to mind when I say “soundbar”?



Decent upgrade over TV speakers?

No match for a proper home theater system?

If you’re Michael, probably “not a-freaking-nother…!”

In most cases, you’d be right. I’ve reviewed quite a few soundbars in my day, and always did my testing in the smaller, bedroom home theater, mostly because of its size, but also because my ears are accustomed to the sound of a full array of towers speakers in the main media room, driven by an Anthem D2v AV Processor and A5 amp. It just seems cruel to put a soundbar in that room. Or, at least, I thought it did. Until I heard the GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3D Array.

GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array

Of course the SC3DA may not be what many of you think of as a soundbar. It’s not self-powered. The three centrally-located binding posts on the back will need to be connected to the LCR outputs of your AV receiver or amp. You’ll have to bring your own subwoofer to the party, too, along with surround speakers if they 3D Array’s penetrating sound isn’t enough for you.

So what’s the advantage of this over other soundbars? For one thing, you’re getting three GoldenEar speakers in one pretty little box that can be wall-mounted or even perched atop your flat panel TV. The GoldenEar Technology SuperCinema 3D Array sports six of the company’s 4½-inch High-Definition Cast-Basket Multi-Vaned Phase Plug Mid/Bass Drivers and three High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeters. The latter, combined with the SC3DA’s crosstalk cancelation technology, are what give this soundbar the ability to fill a room with truly rich, dimensional, articulate sound that meets or beats the performance of all-too-many standalone tower speakers I’ve auditioned in this room.

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