Plasma TV is Still Alive and Well

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Panasonic ZT60 plasmaA lot of people think that plasma TV technology just isn’t as sexy as what LED LCD television has to offer, mostly because of plasma’s rocky beginnings, or simply the fact that it’s older. While most plasmas don’t achieve that radioactive brightness that LEDs do, most won’t dispute that they tend to produce much better contrast and motion than their liquid crystal counterparts, especially when you get down into the midrange models. After several years of falling sales, it’s looking that the price drops on plasma, combined with the quality performance of the technology these days, is finally getting paying off. Via HDTVtest:

These sentiments are backed by a fresh report from the research firm Quixel Research, which shows that some areas of the plasma TV market actually showed renewed growth over the last 12 months, with shipments of 60-inch displays and above soaring by almost 70%.

The latest Large Area Display Report (LAD) Market Review shows that revenues in this market rose accordingly by 53%, with plasma TVs accounting for 40% of all HDTV sales in the 40-inch and above category. The last quarter of 2012 saw plasma screen TVs do exceptionally well, with almost 1 million units shipped.

However, it isn’t all good news for plasma, as sales between 2011 and 2012 fell by 17% when taking into account all sizes.

Most of the plasma manufacturers have been eyeing the oft-prophesied OLED technology for years now, hoping that production will reach the point where they’ll reap the benefits of the newer tech, but even with recent alliances, it’s been really slow going, and it’s the nigh-vaporwareness of them that caused our own Dennis Burger to put a temporary halt on his enthusiasm for OLED technology.

So in the interim, until OLED emerges from the evolutionary bog, it looks like plasma is a viable choice for videophiles that’s here to stay.

Via: [HDTVtest]

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