Sceptre Introduces SB301523 SoundBar 2.1

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Sceptre SB301523 SoundBar 2.1

Sceptre is introducing a new soundbar.

If you’re already reaching for the “back” button on your browser, no hard feelings. I get it.

The soundbar was a novelty a few years ago, a  lower-cost alternative to a full-blown surround sound system that in some cases, hey, sound pretty darn good.

But now soundbars are everywhere. Everywhere.  And so forgive me if another soundbar announcement just doesn’t set my heart all aflutter. Especially a soundbar like this one that offers a paltry low frequency extension of only 55 Hz. The 20-watts per speaker also isn’t likely to turn any heads.

At least the SB301523 Sound Bar 2.1 is inexpensive. $159.99, to be exact, at least according to the website, although you’ll pay a little more at Amazon for some reason.

I don’t mean to disparage Sceptre. The company is simply following market trends with this soundbar. And the low price is sure to appeal to those looking to dip their toes in the world of higher-quality audio. It’s nice to look at, and offers a several nice features, like SRS WOW audio technology and four DSP sound modes tailored to movies, news, video games, and music. It’s just that there are far better options out there in a product category that’s already saturated. Sure, the SB301523 might feature its own built-in subwoofer, but again, its low-bass extension is on par with the the speakers built into the bottom of your iPhone.

So consider this one a definite upgrade to your TV speakers (unless you’re rocking something like Bang & Olufsen), but not much more than that.

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  • Peter Flores83k4

    I have been looking for a nice sound bar without having to lose space because of the sub. Even if it is wireless it takes up space. Good to hear about an off brand that is fair and price get a good review. And if Kirk Hiner writes for you than I have to give it a try.

  • Ben

    I recently purchased the Sceptre 40″ for a very low price and am amazed at the picture quality. Sound was okay but I was in Walmart and heard a few soundbars and thought that I can do better. So I went for this Sceptre soundbar and again am amazed at the sound enhancement. And for the price I am MORE than pleased with my setup. Way to go Sceptre