KEF Introduces E Series Home Theater Speaker System

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KEF E Series Pure WhiteNo, you’re not experiencing déjà vu. Yes, I already wrote about another E-Series last week. This has nothing to do with that. Well, except for the fact that you could use the new KEF E Series speakers with Denon’s new E-Series receivers and have yourself a complete E Home Theater system.

The New KEF E Series is obviously the spiritual successor to the company’s award-winning “Egg” systems, the KHT 2000 and KHT 3000. But, of course, KEF has a habit of taking tech from its high-end lines and bringing them down to more affordable levels, so the E Series has a few years’ worth of design innovations working to its advantage, and draws heavily from its renowned Q300 — for the driver tech, that is; not the shape. The new 4.5 Uni-Q driver array sits in a heavily reinforced and internally ribbed and damped cabinet, within which sits a crossover that has been designed expressly to enhance the interaction between them.

The new satellite boasts low end extension of 90Hz (±3dB), so when KEF claims that the sats blend beautifully with the sub, I totally buy it. That’s pretty meaty low end for such a little sat. The E-2 subwoofer, by the way, is a gorgeous little closed dome shape, with a down-firing eight-inch long-throw driver that won’t crack your foundations with its 33Hz bottom end, but promises to be accurate, responsive, and non-resonant.

KEF E Series Deep Black

The system is available in silky matte deep black or pure white, with satin chrome cast aluminum bases that also rotate and double as wall brackets. Or you can opt for some lovely little floor stands.

No pricing info yet, but KEF promises that the system is “surprisingly affordable.”

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