Bryston Gets Into the Speaker Game

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Bryston T Speaker FamilyIf you’re into high-quality, bulletproof audiophile amps, you no doubt already know the Bryston brand. In my decade or so of covering high-end custom installations, I’ve seen the company’s amplifiers paired with just about every audiophile speaker in existence. And now we can add one more brand of speakers to that list: Bryston’s own.

Designed for both hi-fi and home theater applications, the new Bryston speakers break down into three wonderfully named lineups: Model T, Middle T, and mini t, with center channels, subwoofers, on-walls, and in-walls thrown into the mix, as well. Bryston says the Model T was “subjected to over 200 separate anechoic measurements during the design phase to ensure the highest level of accuracy and refinement,” and that the ultimate focus of the entire line was on wide dynamic range, low distortion, and tonal neutrality.

Bryston Model TThe three-way floorstanding Model T towers over the rest of the line at 52.5 inches tall, features three 8-inch woofers, two 5.25-inch midranges and two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters, and is available in standard configuration with  an internal passive crossover network; a Signature model , which relies on an external passive network including air-core chokes and Bryston’s proprietary film capacitors; and a flagship Active version that boasts Bryston’s 24-bit digital electronic crossover and tri-amplification.

The Middle T scales things down a little bit with two bass drivers, a midrange driver, and a single tweeter. And the mini t, as you might imagine, is the smallest of the bunch, with a single bass driver, mid, and tweeter. Center channels include the TC1 and TC1 mini, both with a three-way design and differing mostly in size. The T Sub is quite a different-looking beast, with three stacked 8-inch woofers, all of which are powered by an internal 600-watt amp. All of the freestanding models are available in your choice of three high-tech vinyl-wrapped standard finishes: Black Ash, Natural Cherry, or Boston Cherry. Or you can spend a little more and opt for hardwood veneers or high-gloss painted finishes.

If you’re more interested in architectural models, the T IW and the T OW (in-wall and on-wall, respectively) are both built on three-way sealed enclosure designs. You’ll have to wait until Q3 for those, though.

Pricing and availability for the entire line are as follows:

  • Model T (MSRP $6495 pair) shipping now
  • Model T Signature (MSRP $7495 pair) shipping now
  • Model T Active (MSRP $9495 pair—requires 6 channels of amplification not included) shipping now
  • Middle T (MSRP $4600 pair) shipping May, 2013
  • mini t (MSRP $2695 pair) shipping now
  • TC1 Center (MSRP $3200 each) shipping now
  • TC1 mini Center (MSRP $2200 each) shipping May, 2013
  • T Sub (MSRP $4195 each) shipping now
  • T IW (in-wall) (MSRP $560 each) shipping Q3, 2013
  • T OW (on-wall) (MSRP $560 each) shipping Q3, 2013

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