B&W Announces New Lightning-Equipped Z2 Dock

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Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Black with iPhone 5Following reasonably hot (well, warm-ish, at least) on the heels of its new A5 and A7 Airplay Speakers, Bowers & Wilkins announced this week a brand new iOS dock that addresses the pesky issue of Apple’s new Lighting connector, which rendered years’ worth of docks nearly useless overnight for new iPhone 5 owners. Of course, the A5 and A7 circumvented this issue by relying completely on AirPlay connectivity. The new Z2 incorporates the same, but also incorporates a Lightning connector so you can charge your iDoodads while rocking out to your favorite tunes.

Boasting yet another new design for B&W’s digital product line, the Z2 is elegant simplicity incarnate: an elliptical cylinder with a sleek sloped top, housing two full-range speakers and 40 watts of power. It also supports B&W’s handy setup app to make AirPlay configuration quick and easy. And, of course, being a Bowers & Wilkins digital product, it runs an advanced DSP that promises to ensure optimal acoustical tuning based on your listening volumes, as well advanced internal acoustical engineering based on the company’s much-more-expensive hi-fi speakers.

The Z2 will be available in black this April, with an Apple-friendly white finish following in June, both for $399 apiece.

Sandwiched in between those releases will be an updated version of the company’s popular Zeppelin Air, which has also been enhanced with Lighting connectivity, for $599.

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