BenQ Ships Affordable Short-Throw 1080p3D Projector

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BenQ W1080ST Short-Throw 1080p3D projector

With the death of rear-projection televisions, more and more video fans are looking for a way to achieve bigger images in the home without the expense of super-expensive flat panel displays. Of course, ultra-short-throw projection systems like LG’s CinemaBeam, which can generate 100 inch images at distances shorter than your arm, are one alternative. But that kind of proximity still comes with a heft price tag. BenQ thinks they have the compromise between distance and price with the new W1080ST. Not only is this a high-quality DLP 1080p3D projector, but it can throw 100 inches of razor sharp 3D imagery from only 6 feet away, and do it for about the same cost as a nice LED/LCD TV boasting less than half the screen real estate:

Built to take center stage within today’s media-rich home entertainment lifestyles, the W1080ST delivers full 3D connectivity from external devices such as Blu-ray™ players and gaming consoles, and supports formats and standards including NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™, DLP®Link™, and dual HDMI®. Designed with the high-end DLP®Dark Chip 3 (DC3) — typically reserved for higher-priced models — the W1080ST offers in addition to razor-sharp 3D content, full HD1080p picture quality, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and built-in 10-watt stereo speakers for added convenience.

Simplifying installation and setup by providing tremendous flexibility in projector placement, the short-throw W1080ST delivers an image more than 100 inches wide at less than six feet away from the screen. To safeguard close-range installations, the W1080ST also features an “Auto Blank” mode that blocks light output when objects are detected in front of the lens. Especially useful for coffee-table setups and other short-throw scenarios in small spaces, the mode avoids flashing light directly in users’ eyes when crossing the projection.

“By combining so many advanced features at such an affordable price, BenQ is proving once again its consumer commitment, offering accessible yet high-performance products that customers can enjoy,” said Lars Yoder, President of BenQ America Corp. “With the W1080ST projector, users get amazing image quality, short-throw performance for placement flexibility in any environment, rich connectivity options, and our energy-saving SmartEco technology for only $1,299. No other projector delivers this level of innovation and flexibility at this price point.”

Normally, a picture that big would require double the throw distance, and I know I don’t have the space in my house for that. I would, however, have the space for this, and given that it’s calibrated specifically for home theater, and is ISFccc certified, it may just be perfect display to bring that big movie experience home to your family without breaking the bank.

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