THX tune-up Free Again This Week

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THX TuneUpSpeaking of THX

A few months back, we reviewed the new THX tune-up app, which was free “for a limited time.” If you missed that window of opportunity, you’re in luck, because the app is free again, for yet another limited time, saving you over a dollar of your hard-earned money.

THX tune-up is the spiritual successor to THX Optimizer, and allows any iOS user to run test patterns from their iOS device to any AirPlay- or (with adapter) HDMI-capable display for an interactive touchscreen calibration. Far cheaper than most calibration discs (like the excellent Spears and Munsil), THX tuneup will give you a baseline calibration that will help extend the life and improve the picture quality of a TV set of any size or type beyond its factory settings.

[Get THX tune-up at the iTunes Store free this weekend]

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