Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Multimedia Kit Review

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Peerless-AV HD FlowThe HD Flow Pro Multimedia Kit from Peerless-AV is a solidly built solution for anyone looking to transmit HD-quality multimedia to areas where wires cannot reach. Designed for professional as well as consumer use, the $539 HD flow is able to wirelessly deliver a 1080p multimedia stream to anywhere within a 131 ft. range.

Taking a closer look at what is offered, the kit comes complete with a transmitter as well as a receiver unit. The kit also includes two stands, two power adapters, IR flashers, an IR extender, remote, and a component-to-VGA adapter.

The transmitter and receiver are housed in a shiny black plastic enclosure with integrated antennas. The devices have a sleek and simple design with the only splash of color coming from the LED indicator lights that glow down the side. Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Multimedia KitWhile the devices look professional and solidly built, they are of modest size of less than 8 inches tall with a weight of only 0.66 pounds. This allows them to be easily stored out of sight, if desired.

The supplied stands are designed to slip onto the end of the transmitter and receiver and allow them to be placed vertically. The stands, while made of the same sturdy black plastic, are a little on the lighter side. I could see the units easily toppling over once the wires were connected.

The power adapters are fairly standard for a product like this, however it appears a little more thought went into the design of the IR flashers. There are three IR flashers for the transmitter with a larger, rounder IR eye for the receiver unit. This makes it handy for controlling up to three devices. A small remote is also included to enable simple source switching and standby mode. The design of the remote is nothing to write home about, but it does get the job done. Finally, there is a component to VGA adapter cable for connecting a component source through the VGA port. While having no dedicated component port might seem a little odd, it’s nice to see the device accept such a wide range of input sources.

Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Multimedia Kit on stands

Enough about looks; how does the HD Flow Pro perform? When I was finally able to take the unit for a test drive I was immediately impressed with how easy it was to set up. After reading the quick start guide, I began the setup process by plugging my HDMI cable into the transmitter. The HDMI indicator flashed several times and then turned to a solid glow meaning it was picking up the signal.

Deciding that my second floor television would be the best testing unit, I went upstairs to complete the install. Since my upstairs television did not have a HDMI port, I had to settle on using the component option. I plugged in the cables and power adapter and the device turned on. I pressed the source selector button a few times and the component indicator light began to blink. Once it stopped blinking and it began to glow a solid blue, I was able to see the picture on my television.

Before I describe the picture quality, let me first say that I have used other wireless multimedia transmitters in the past, and have always had mediocre performance results when broadcasting multimedia to my second floor television. Not this time.

The picture quality was superb. The images were crisp and clear with no ghosting or any other artifacts I was expecting to see. Not only was the picture solid, there were no flickers or signal drop outs. Zero! Zilch! The reception and image quality were far better than any other devices I have used. I was very impressed.

It did take a few minutes to adjust the IR extenders to get channel changing working, but after that was done, channel changing worked great. The supplied remote, while small, worked quite well and allowed me to turn off both units.

Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Multimedia Kit

Overall, my experience with HD Flow Pro was top notch. The image it delivered was clear and the signal was solid. It would be nice to have a heavier stand to offer better stability. It would also be nice to have a separate component and VGA port on the transmitter. These issues are minor, however, and certainly not a deal breaker.

With all this being said, I would happily recommend the HD Flow to anyone looking for a superb HD multimedia broadcasting solution.

If you need a few fewer wires in your AV setup, or want to extend video easily from one room to another, you can order it now at Amazon: Peerless-AV HD Flow Pro Multimedia Kit

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