Black Diamond Motorized Screens Now Shipping

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Black Diamond

We’ve seen how cool Screen InnovationsBlack Diamond screens are in the past, especially the way they obliterate ambient light and make front projection a reality even in rooms that aren’t light controlled. But what if you really don’t want a honking 100-inch screen on the wall at all times? Screen Innovations has now developed a motorized version of the Black Diamond that drops down when you need it, and secrets away when you don’t.

As with previous Black Diamond screens, the motorized version takes in the light from your projector, and then spits it back out at you, but sucks up light coming from other directions like a black hole. This allows the screen to deliver great contrasts and solid black levels even in a sunlit room.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, motorized drop-down screens like this are also great for dual-purpose rooms, in which a wall-mounted flat panel TV feeds up all of your regular TV content (because, really, who wants to watch the Weather Channel or the nightly news at 100 inches or more), with a bigger, more cinematic screen dropping in front of it for movie night or big sports games. The thing about such dual-screen setups, though, is that the projector usually only comes out at night. But with Black Diamond, you can throw a rocking big-screen sports party in the middle of the day without having to staple the drapes shut.

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Motorized Screen is being offered in two varieties: an External configuration, designed to mount on the wall; and a Flush configuration in which the housing box is hidden within the ceiling. The fact that the External model necessitates a prettier and more sophisticated housing box is reflected in the pricing.

Size and pricing info are as follows:

80″ External: $5900 (shipping soon)
80″ Flush: $5500 (shipping soon)

92″ External: $6400
92″ Flush: $6000

100″ External: $6900
100″ Flush: $6500

106″ External: $7400
106″ Flush: $7000

110″ External: $7900 (shipping soon)
110″ Flush: $7500 (shipping soon)

Contact info:
Screen Innovations

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