Why Can’t We Manage Our Flixster Collections?

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Flixster BlowA reader of The Consumerist wrote in this morning with a problem: They got a free movie from Flixster.

The free part wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that they didn’t want the movie in the first place because they found it offensive:

I will add these few items:
1.) While the movie does have a rating that matches most of the movies in my collection, it has thematic elements that I restrict for minors in my care.

2.) There is no other movie in my collection of the same genre, so I am not certain why they would want to add that particular title.

So my response was to send an email where I argue the points about these services I would like to consider:

You(Flixster) recently added [Redacted] to my account.

Please remove it. I am very particular about the movies in my account and I do not, under any circumstances, want you to “gift” me movies without my direct consent.

If you would like to give out promotional movies, please 1.) make it in such a way that I can reject the movie and never see it offered again, or 2.) offer selections to choose from.

Now, given the selection of movies Flixster is typically giving out, I’m going to guess our mystery flick is more than likely Blow, the Johnny Depp biopic about a major figure in the 80’s cocaine boom (which is a quality flick, I should add). But it does raise the bigger question of why our UltraViolet libraries are this schmoz of covers with no ability to search or otherwise organize their display. I myself have a couple of free TV episodes on Vudu (via UltraViolet) that are sitting there forever nestled among my “good stuff,” and I’d love to be able to hide them.

So why can’t we do it? The answer is likely that once a movie is enabled in your UltraViolet Master Account, only UltraViolet can remove it and it’s out of Flixster’s hands. UV has been around for about 18 months now, and since I feel already feel like my interface is cluttered with about 40 movies, what happens when that’s more like 400? Enthusiast software like DVD Profiler offers me a plethora of filtering options. So why can’t Flixster?

I’ve reached out to my contacts at UltraViolet to see what we can do for this person, and to see what can be done for this person and the rest of us, and I’ll do an update if and when we get an official response.

Via: [The Consumerist]

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