Star Trek Free on Hulu This Month

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Star Trek March Madness Bracket

In celebration of the new JJ Abrams Trek film, Hulu has made all of Star Trek free for the next 30 days. You can watch TOS, The Next Generation, the oft-ignored (and wrongly so) Deep Space Nine, and Voyager to your heart’s content. That’s nearly 700 episodes of Trek available until April, and you don’t have to pay a dime to watch any of them. (Although, if you want to watch them on your TV or mobile device, you’ll either need to spring for a $7.99 Hulu Plus subscription this month or sign up for a free trial week and kiss sleep goodbye for the next seven days.)

Once your appetite is whetted, remember that Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation are actively being released on Blu-ray, and Star Trek: TOS is available in full on the high-definition format.

And once you’re back in the Star Trekkin’ groove, why not participate in Hulu’s Star Trek March Madness? Running concurrently with the free Trek releases, the contest allows you to pit your favorite characters (with some notable exceptions) against one another for master Starfleet Supremecy:

We need your help to settle once and for all the most important question you will be asked all day: Who is the greatest Star Trek character of all time?  Starting tomorrow, and running every day through March 31st, check Hulu’s Tumblr for your opportunity to vote for your favorite Star Trek characters.  

So get voting, and consume in mass quantities before this celebration is over.

Via: [Hulu on Tumblr]

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