Intel Close to Deals for Internet Based Cable

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Intel MediaBloomberg is reporting that Intel may be very close to striking deals with Viacom (Comedy Central, MTV), Time Warner (CNN), and NBC (USA, SyFy), bringing it one step closer to making its oft-discussed internet-based cable TV, video-on-demand, and cloud DVR service a reality.

Intel is betting it can create a more flexible service, delivered through consumers’ broadband accounts, that gives subscribers more choices over the channels they receive and offers an easier-to-use electronic programming guide, Huggers said. The service would offer live channels and on-demand programming.

Word on the street is that the majority of the deal is done, and that only the minor details are currently in negotiation, making a launch as soon as this fall a real possibility. As the Bloomberg piece points out, though, Intel will probably pay more for its content than existing cable and satellite companies, who normally pay a dollar or two per month, per subscriber, for the big bundles. With that higher price, though, apparently comes a more à la carte selection of content, so it may be a win-win scenario for providers and end users alike.

It’s going to be interesting to see how (or if) these deals the media landscape. If Intel can hit an attractive-enough price for its bundles to satisfy viewers in search of more targeted content, this may well put a dent in the cord-cutting trend. Whether or not it will attract those who have already bailed on traditional pay TV, though — or those who never subscribed in the first place — is anybody’s guess.

Via: [Bloomberg]

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