Control4 Announces New Remote Control Charging Station

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Control4 SR-250 Recharging StationWe all know how annoying it is when remote control batteries start to die — that mad clicking, turning the remote upside down, rubbing the batteries, and all the other gymnastics we do to squeeze that last gasp of juice out of our AA cells before we surrender and crack a new pack of Energizers. Keeping your Control4 remote at full charge will no longer involve a trip to the supermarket thanks to the company’s new Recharging Station for its SR-150 and SR-250 System Remote Controls.

Simply plug the lithium-polymer battery pack into your existing battery compartment, and snap on the new battery door, and you’re ready for contact charging from now on. Those that feel uncomfortable performing the replacement operation on their own can rely on their dealer to perform the upgrade quickly and efficiently.

Place the discrete charging unit on the coffee table, and “hang up” the remote like a phone and wait for it to go green, and your remote will be ready the next time you’re ready to fire up the home theater. If the charging LED bothers you, it can be set to high, low, or disabled completely to retain total control over your room aesthetic.

And since this is merely a battery-and-cover replacement, it’s easy to pop those AA cells back in if you change your mind, or you can swap back and forth between batteries and the recharging solution as often as you like, depending on your mood or needs.

The new charging station will be available starting in April for $130, only from authorized Control4 dealers.

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