i’m Watch Review: i’m Angry, i’m Confused, i’m Fail

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Remember the Iraqi Information Minister? He was that guy we used to watch on TV during the first Desert Storm who would make such awesome declarations about how the Iraqi army was doing. With jets streaking overhead, bridges blowing up, tanks being obliterated and US troops holding hands and hopscotching into Baghdad, good ole Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf kept a stern face and proclaimed such awesomeness as, “I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that [American troops] have started to commit suicide under the walls of Baghdad. We will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly,” and, “I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad.”

This was a PR man that stuck by his guns and knew how to stay on point even in the face of overwhelming facts to the contrary. This is a guy that could have easily told a million Gizmodo readers that Windows Millennium Edition was the best operating system ever. He would have stood before the Apple masses and proclaimed Maps the single greatest app ever created. The X-Box Red Ring of death? A powerful feature that would make other gaming systems cower before its awesome, unholy might!

While many have suspected that he was writing PR for Bose for years – his Wave Radio ads were truly some of his best work – I actually know where he ended up after leaving his post in Iraq. He has clearly been hired to head up the PR for Italian “smart” watch (those quotes are applied dripping in cynical sarcasm) manufacturer, i’m Watch!

Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf says i'm Watch is the Best Thing Ever

The thing about i’m Watch is that you desperately want to love it. If it worked even halfway like promised, it would be awesome. It is big – like dwarfing-my-already-large-Rolex-diving-watch big – but it is kinda cool looking in a techie, my-giant-watch-totally-isn’t-compensating-for-anything kind of way.

i'm Watch versus Rolex

The i’m Watch’s strap is a thick rubber available in different colors that looks like it would be at home on a Panerai diving watch (an Italian watch design that totally rocks, by the way), but the large hole in the side of the watch where you charge it makes it not in the least bit weather resistant. I’m sure even a brutal humidity would give i’m Watch i’m Fits.

However, as much as you want to love the i’m Watch – and believe me, you will want to –it is unfortunately, it is as one reviewer eloquently put, “A $400 brick of failure that straps to your wrist.

[Click here to continue reading my full review of the “revolutionary” “smart” “watch” at Sciacca Writes.]

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  • hkoller

    After dealing with the i’m Watch tech support, I have come to the conclusion that they are either totally incompetent or highly unethical.
    Do not buy this watch, unless you search the net and hear from people who have actually used it.
    Early adopter are accustom to some trouble and short comings of new gadgets. Usually tech support helps you lessen the pain and eventually these gadgets work as promised. More or less.
    The i’m Watch is beautiful. Actually it is spectacularly beautiful.
    But it is absolutely not what it is promised to be, technically.
    You could say, it’s typical Italian. Great design but ain’t running, worth shit.
    But this is unfair. Look at Ferrari and such.
    The moment I saw this watch I ordered it. I don’t want to bore you with all the upsetting things about it, but the phone app did not work, the reception was so bad that the call/voice kept continuously breaking up, even though the watch was just a few inches from the iPhone. You just simply could not carry on a conversation. I’m Watch Tech support (my ticket # [#GYN-968-19666]) told me to do a factory reset. It obviously did not make the slightest difference. The 3 times I’ve contacted tech support after that, I’ve got twice a templet answers that had  little to do with what I communicated to them. Their responses always took a week to 10 days and it was obvious, that nobody read what I posted.  They were no  help at all, nor did they care. So I have decided to return the i’m Watch.
    In the legal section of their web site, they state, that you have to fill out a certain form before returning the device. But this form was nowhere to be found on their site. You think this is just by coincidence?
    And that’s why I think they are totally unethical. It’s an expensive watch, which technically it a complete crap. Great concept though but complete crap. Battery life is just about a day. The apps are basically useless and  as I’ve said the phone option (the most exciting & useful option), does not work at all. Also in the US you have to get the tethering option from your wireless provider, which I did. For me it meant loosing my unlimited contract with AT&T.
    They go out of their way to make it  impossible to return the watch. I mailed my watch back over a month ago and I still have not received a refund. Also at one point tech support just stopped communicating.
    I strongly suggest, not to buy the i’m Watch. Wait for them to get it right. But the way this company operates, I doubt they even care.
    I wish the many sites that wrote glowing reviews about the i’m Watch had actually tested it. All of the glowing PR is just that, PR! Now there are many more accurate reviews on the net. I urge you to read them.
    I am really sorry about that. The i’m Watch is a great concept, the design is very beautiful. Simply put, their PR is completely misleading.